Words matter.

In this word-cluttered culture, strings of sentences often serve as blocks of type people expect to see on the page, but never intend to read.

Yet, we still have stories to tell, ideas to communicate, and messages to send into the world. Words matter more than ever, which means we need to choose them with more intention than ever, grasping not only what to say, but how to say it.

Plenty of writing includes everything that needs to be communicated, but without a hint of heart or personality. Other writing is all dazzle and flash, minus the substance. It's by bringing together the two—meaningful content and an authentic voice—that writing becomes engaging, memorable, and, ultimately, effective.

That's what I specialize in, as a writer with over 20 years of professional experience: I make certain words matter, whether I'm writing website copy or a product brochure, crafting a social media or blog post, or creating a voice guide and messaging map for your brand. I hope you'll get in touch to learn more.

Kristin Tennant